Nose On The Grindstone

Created by some of today’s most influential artists in Web3, A Hard Working Man provides the foundation of a community complete with member only benefits and a metaverse lifestyle like no other. Our mission is to launch access to IRL events, which include concerts, private parties, comedy shows, crypto conferences, festivals, celebrity golf and so much more. Purchasing a A Hard Working Man NFT is your exclusive membership pass to live the good life!

A hip-hop icon & country music mogul unite!

Grab your boots, saddle up, and get ready to drop it like it’s hot, because Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus have entered the metaverse! These two world-renowned artists have joined forces to bring you the A Hard Working Man NFT collection — a three-tier homage to their latest hit single, “A Hard Working Man.”

Putting thecommunity first

A Hard Working Man is more than just an NFT project, it boasts a community-centric ecosystem that is fully dedicated to providing Web3 experiences. From tight-knit conversations in Discord, engaging Twitter Spaces, and an array of member-only perks, all community members have a voice — as they should!

more than just redeemables

A Hard Working Man will go beyond your average redeemables. In addition to granting holders early access to the A Hard Working Man and Animal Concerts brands, it will shower the community with flyaway packages, metaverse lifestyle opportunities, tickets to exclusive events, project merch and much more!

meet the crew

Snoop Dogg

Hip-hop icon & NFT maximalist

Award-winning entertainer and world-renowned NFT icon, Snoop Dogg, has released 19 studio albums, sold over 40 million albums worldwide, reached No. 1 countless times on the Billboard charts and received 20 Grammy nominations.

The Avila Brothers

Two-time Grammy winning producers

The Avila Brothers, a legendary singer-songwriter duo, have written and produced music for world-renowned artists such as Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson, Usher and Earth, Wind & Fire — And are now bringing their talents to the metaverse.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Country music mogul

Billy Ray Cyrus is a critically and commercially acclaimed superstar who has established himself as a household name across multiple areas of the entertainment landscape, including music, television, theater and more.


Work hard, play harder!

Get ready to experience token utility like never before! Holders of Animal Concerts’ native token, ANML, are now able to use ANML for purchases on the official Animal Concerts app for products like branded merch and even upcoming Animal Concerts NFTs. Learn more today!

A Dive Into

a hard working man


A bangin’ video

If there’s anything Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus are known for, it’s dropping (bars) like it’s hot — And their latest collab is no different. Check out the genius hip-hop and country mashup!

For ALL the hard-working people

A Hard Working Man shows love to all those working day in and day out, from electricians and construction workers to farmers and mechanics to doctors and teachers, they are the heartbeat that makes our society function. With dozens of outfits and hundreds of traits, Snoop and Billy Ray bring to NFT life the lives of hard working folks from the LBC to Tennessee.

Triple threat

A Hard Working Man will be divided into three unique tiered drops released on different dates. That means triple the rewards, triple the redeemables, triple the chances of winning and triple the community-focused efforts from the teams of Animal Concerts, Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus!

from music verse to metaverse

With the A Hard Working Man, Snoop and Billy Ray are jumping into the metaverse like never before by bringing participants to live metaverse concerts through the Animal Concerts ecosystem.

Hard work pays off

Meet and greets, flyaway packages, hotel stays, free concert tickets, parties with SNOOP AND BILLY RAY… and so much more coming soon!

Redeemables, Incentives & Utility

If music is the best thing to bring people together, then Animal Concerts will strive to make A Hard Working Man rewards and redeemables the next best thing! Select lucky holders have the opportunity to receive a plethora of redeemables from each edition, such as:

Hustler Edition

  • Exclusive parties
  • Live concert tickets
  • Metaverse experiences
  • Party with Snoop Dogg live at an exclusive event
  • Virtual events
  • Gaming packages
  • Gift cards
  • Flights, hotels and more

Overachiever Edition

  • An exclusive metaverse event with Snoop and Billy Ray
  • Live shows, metaverse parties, and more!
  • Party with Snoop Dogg live at an exclusive event
  • Flyaway packages
  • Access to unreleased AHWM content
  • Premier event ticket access and giveaways
  • Metaverse gear giveaway
  • Access to Hustler Edition perks

Baller Edition

  • Next-level in person experiences
  • Party with Snoop Dogg live at an exclusive event
  • Never-before-seen AHWM content
  • Exclusive access to unreleased music
  • Metaverse gear giveaway
  • Once-in-a-lifetime flyaway packages
  • Access to Overachiever Edition and Hustler Edition perks
  • Special perks and exclusive benefits!

To keep the party going post drop, all NFT holders will receive:

Access to Animal Concerts metaverse concerts.
Access to exclusive AHWM content.
Rare giveaway opportunities.
Exclusive entry into the Animal Concerts ecosystem.

a visual delight




  • Pre-drop the website and socials like it’s hot
  • Twitter Spaces, IG Live events, Discord AMAs and more!
  • Podcasts, articles, and media spotlights of A Hard Working Man
  • Cross promotion and collaboration with the NFT community
  • Community contests & giveaways
  • Exclusive allowlist opportunities to connect hard working communities
  • Hard-working promotions until drop date



  • NFTs go live
  • Virtual events on Twitter and IG
  • Holder-only and community giveaways & contests
  • Howdy partner! Partnership collaborations commence



  • Redeemables Delivery
  • Community giveaways
  • Holders-only events + contests
  • Rarity website submissions
  • Community Twitter Spaces & IG Live events
  • Integration of AHWM into the Animal Concerts ecosystem
A Hard Working Man

A Hard Working Man FAQ

What is the “A Hard Working Man” NFT collection?

A Hard Working Man is divided into three unique editions which all boast eye-popping artwork, edition specific redeemables and a plethora of post-drop incentives.

To learn more about each edition, visit the A Hard Working Man Discord server

What is the three-tier drop structure?

The A Hard Working Man NFT drop is divided into three unique editions which all boast eye-popping artwork, edition-specific redeemables and a plethora of post-drop incentives. The Hustler Edition will contain 9,999 uniquely crafted NFTs and will be the first to go live, with the following editions going live shortly after. To learn more about each edition, visit the A Hard Working Man Discord server.

Where do I go if I have a question?

Having trouble? Visit the A Hard Working Man Discord server to get all your burning questions answered. Additionally, to find more information about the project team and upcoming collaborations, visit the Animal Concerts Discord server. For direct inquiries, contact

What is the Blue Collar Pass?

The Blue Collar Pass is your exclusive membership to join the A Hard Working Man NFT project at a discounted price all while being rewarded with holders-only perks and unparalleled membership experiences. Learn more about the Blue Collar Pass by clicking here. You can also learn more about the Blue Collar Pass, AHWM & all of its redeemables by joining the Discord.

What are the redeemables?

The A Hard Working Man NFT project is giving back to its community, and by giving back we mean showering all members with MASSIVE redeemables and unparalleled membership experiences. To download a PDF of all the redeemables, click here. For all other information, simply join the AHWM discord.

Terms & Conditions